SJJPA Business Plan

Each year, SJJPA must develop and approve an updated Business Plan annually as required by SJJPA’s Interagency Transfer Agreement (ITA) with the State. The annual Business Plan is required to be submitted to the Secretary of CalSTA in draft form by April 1 of each year, and in final form by June 15 of each year to allow Amtrak time to finalize operating cost estimates.

As specified in AB 1779, the Business Plan shall include a report on the historical performance of the San Joaquins Service, an operating plan including proposed service enhancements to increase ridership, short-term and long-term capital improvement programs, funding requirements for the upcoming fiscal year, and an action plan with specific performance goals and objections. The Business Plan shall document service improvements (rail and thruway/connecting bus) to provide the planned level of service, inclusion of operating plans to serve peak period work trips, and consideration of other service expansions and enhancements.


The San Joaquin Joint Powers Authority Draft 2018 Business Plan is available for download at the links below. SJJPA Board approved the Business Plan is an action item at the Board Meeting on March 23, 2018 in Fresno.


A draft of 2017 SJJPA Business Plan Update was presented at the March 24, SJJPA Board Meeting and was approved, and then was submitted to CalSTA. The final version of the 2017 SJJPA Business Plan Update was presented at the May 26, 2017 SJJPA Board Meeting and was adopted and then was submitted to CalSTA.