Amtrak RideReserve

September 10, 2020

Amtrak RideReserve

Amtrak Takes New Step to Ensure Distancing on Trains

Attention riders, Amtrak San Joaquins has a new program for multi-ride discount ticket holders. Multi-ride ticket holders will now confirm usage before travel. This new service change will allow customers to easily distance themselves from each other on our busiest trains.

Beginning Sept. 14, multi-ride ticket buyers will confirm their travel on their choice of Amtrak trains using the new Amtrak RideReserveSM tool on the Amtrak apps and on or before departure at a staffed ticket window.

Confirmations are available up to 14 days prior to departure and for up to two trips per travel date (one in each direction). Also, by confirming a specific train on a specific date, customers who are also Amtrak Guest Rewards members can receive automated gate and track notifications and train status messages if there are any delays or disruptions.

Most important, information from the RideReserve confirmations will provide more data to properly manage the seating inventory, which allows us to limit sales to provide sufficient distancing for the safety of our customers.

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